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Hiking at the Zwoelferkopf mountain

Hiking holidays in Pertisau at Lake Achensee

High above the Tyrolean village of Pertisau, you will find a wonderful area for hiking holidays, mountain climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, relaxing and “refuelling” yourself. The high altitude, pleasant weather and especially the breath-taking view will make your trip to Mt Zwoelferkopf an unforgettable experience.

The scenery: Below you is the deep blue Lake Achensee, bordered by the untouched Karwendel mountain range and the rocky Brandenberg Alps. From Mt Stanserjoch - a very popular hiking spot - you can take in a complete 360° panorama, with a superb view over the entire Inn Valley. You will have a view of the Wilder Kaiser mountain ridge in the east, as well as the highest peaks of the main alpine mountain chain. On a clear day, you can see far in to the Tyrolean uplands and even catch a glimpse of Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner.

We have put together few suggestions of different tours you could take around Mt Zwoelferkopf, so you can make your walking holiday in Austria a unique experience. Amongst the many routes of varying difficulty, we guarantee you will find just the right one for you!

Panorama Hike

Wildlife hiking adventure
Circular trail of the alpine animals (nr.4)

Passing by the Baerenbadalm pasture back to the Karwendel Alpine Inn and the top station. Meet the animals of the Zwoelferkopf with experience stations and dwarf-story. It's fun and a popular hike for all age groups. The best thing about this trail is that you are likely to encounter Tyrolean mountain wildlife on your way - one of the many highlights on your hiking holidays in Austria.

Walking time: 1 h 30 min

To Pertisau

Route 1
To get to the village of Pertisau, follow the circular hiking trail (nr. 4) over the Baerenbadalm pasture to the Hoerndlstrasse (nr. 2), which leads into the Tristenautal Valley. From there, you can walk comfortably through the valley back to Pertisau.

Walking time: approx. 2 h

Route 2
After stopping off at the Karwendel Alpine Inn, follow the circular hiking trail (nr. 4) in a counter clockwise direction, until you reach the ski slope. From there, take a sharp left turn into the tunnel path (nr.7). The path ends in a fork, where you have the choice of either descending to the sledging lodge, or following the “Path of Reflection” (nr. 5).

Walking time: approx. 1,5 h

Route 3
From the Karwendel Alpine Inn over the circular hiking trail (nr.4), until you reach the first fork in the woods. From here, follow the Zwoelferkopf path (nr.1). Caution: This path is steep and difficult, and should only be taken by experienced hikers! Follow the yellow signs leading to Pertisau. The path ends a little bit above the lower terminus of the Karwendel cable car.

Walking time: approx. 1,5 h

To Maurach

Route 1
Follow the circular trail of the alpine animals (nr.4) in the direction of the Baerenbadalm pasture. Shortly before you reach the pasture, keep left towards the Perchertal valley (nr. 6) and descend into the woods next to the ski slope. Cross the hillside clearing and follow the path to the broadcasting station. From there, follow the path (nr.3) to the lake and then to the village of Maurach.

Walking time: approx. 1,5 h

Route 2
From the upper terminus over the circular hiking trail (nr. 4), to the Baerenbadalm pasture and over (nr. 11) to the Weissenbachsattel pass. Whilst descending in the direction of Maurach village, you will come across the Weissenbachalm pasture. This path will lead you through the Weissenbachtal valley to Larch Meadow, which is part of Maurach village.

Walking time: approx. 3 h

Experience the Karwendel Mountains

Mt Baerenkopf (1,991 m)
From the Baerenbadalm pasture you will reach the summit in around 1,5 h. If you would like to walk from the Baerenbadalm pasture over the Weissenbachsattel pass, you will need to allow around 2 h.

Mt Stanserjoch (2,102 m)
Beginning from the Baerenbadalm pasture, walk to the Weissenbachsattel pass, then head south until you reach the ridge, where you turn left. You will reach the summit in around 2.5 h.

Mt Ochsenkopf (2,148 m)
Beginning from the Baerenbadalm pasture, walk to the Weissenbachsattel pass, then south until you reach the ridge, where you turn right. You will reach the summit in around 2.5 h.

Mt Gamskarspitze (2,098 m) and Mt Rappenspitze (2,223 m)
Starting at Mt Ochsenkopf, follow the ridge west to Mt Gamskarspitze and then carry on along the pass between the Kaiserjoch pass and Mt Rappenspitze. Descend over the Nauderer Kar basin, the Dristlalm pasture and Falzthurntal valley.

Going on a pilgrimage

Path of Reflection (nr. 5)
This is a lovely hike from the parking lot close to the Hubertus Inn to the sledging lodge.

Over Mt Stanserjoch to St Georgenberg
(Tyrol’s oldest pilgrimage site, www.st-georgenberg.at). The best thing to do is to start your day tour by riding the Karwendel cable car to the upper terminus. From there, hike up to Mt Stanserjoch (which takes around 2.5 h) and then down to St Georgenberg for about another 2 h. The path from the monastery to the Inn Valley will lead you through the wildly romantic Wolf’s Gorge, down to the town of Stans.

Lake Achensee from the viewpoint of the Zwoelferkopf mountain


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